Isabelle & Isabella` Little Book of Rul

Isabelle Busath

Its easier to follow rules if you make them yourself. This collection of kid-authored, kid-approved guidelines for living makes a great gift for the child inside of everyone. Ten-year-old Isabelle and her eight-year-old cousin Isabella have a few tips for living life. Well, maybe more than a few. Begun as a guide for Isabelles younger sister, the girls list quickly grew, and soon more than 150 rules filled a secret notebook. Some rules are simple: Recycle. Eat whatever your mom makes for dinner and dont complain. Others are practical: Go to sleep early if you have soccer practice in the morning. Others are sweet: Protect each other. And others are downright hilarious: Color on paper, not on people. Dont bite the dentist. When Isabelle and Isabella lost their handwritten list of rules in a store, they feared it was gone forever. But after a clerk found their notebook and posted about it on Facebook, Isabelle and Isabella became overnight sensations--the staff of Good Morning America said, Everyone here wants a copy of this. This is going to be a bestseller! Because after all, who doesnt need a little help navigating their way through life, at any age?