Are You a Dupe of Satan? : Executive Intelligence Review Volume 42, Issue 27

Lyndon H Larouche Jr

June 22-Anyone who reads the encyclical written by Commander of the Order of the British Empire John Schellnhuber for issuance by Pope Francis, cannot escape its call for the destruction of mankind-that sinful and violent race made from the mere soil of the creator Mother Earth. Pope Francis presumably does not want to wipe out most of the human species. But the British Royal Family does-publicly so-and the Pope has capitulated to the leading Satanic forces on Earth. The Encyclical Laudato Si is a horrible corruption of the Catholic Church and of Christianity. It is also an assault against science, technological progress, and the idea of human beings as co-creators with the Creator. The fact that the Pope of 1.2 billion Catholics-the Vatican which has blocked international climate conferences from issuing the British royals Malthusian global edicts-has been roped into issuing and promoting Laudato Si, represents a threat to human civilization of the most serious nature.